Thing 4: Online Communities

Like many people, I am of two minds about social communities online. I have Facebook, Twitter, LibraryThing, GoodReads, Shelfari and probably a bunch more I’ve forgotten about but I still find it very difficult to post anything.  I don’t share. I lurk.

I have a Twitter ticker on my desktop and I get little news bits and links to interesting stories etc., I share photos and articles through Facebook and Flickr so I do see the value.  I simply never write anything unless it is a connection to something else.

At work we have a very small print collection and did not have a system so that our clients could browse our catalog, so we set up a LibraryThing collection that they could link to from our blog. It surprised me how many libraries were on there. It has worked for us.  I started with Shelfari but besides answering their questions as to whether I would recommend a book, I did not participate in discussions.  I’ve seen libraries use these sites for book club reading and discussion but for our library it would not be used this way. We could suggest reading lists by topic which could be a nice feature on our blog.



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